Cover of track textured by it's embr
  • 1 week ago
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it's embr, textured

  • experimental

kms congrats

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    calberg 3 days ago

    how have i not seen this i am so sorry to you and to myself

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    -=.3NZ0.=- 3 days ago


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    leadenshrew 1 week ago

    you made this in 2 hours wtf how

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      it's embr 4 days ago

      it was easy bc lead's setup is p easy to work with, plus a lot of the synths were already mainly there

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      Ciel 1 week ago

      how did u get this info? (how do u know he started it 2 hrs b4 he pubbed)

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      pendragon `', 1 week ago

      tyler is literally inhuman

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    reyvaz 5 days ago

    Ok but why did u hide this

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    Herlufsew 1 week ago