disfiguration reflected;

a poisonous stare,

I'm no longer in my body...

this is the end.

not so beautiful now,

are you?



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  • Never thought this would hit close to home... but here we are.

  • DOPE


  • instafav

  • oh ho ho ho h refav

  • big big refav

    ive already heard this before but there are so many colors,,, its like an entirely new experience

  • refav

  • wowowow

  • amazing

  • Holy moly, this is incredible

    • I still stand by this but now in tears bc listening back its even more incredible somehow

  • action movie time

  • I haven't interacted much with this track, but I really don't want this to die down so fast. This song deserves more recognition, it's really top-tier production man. I could hear this in a movie theater for a soundtrack for a John Wick chase scene and fucking bop to it. Just comes to show how Audiotool can be as good as mainstream DAWs when pushed to the limits and used right by talented producers.

    • for real though, production on this is ABSOLUTELY pristine

    • This means the world to me man <3 Thank you so much

    • Agreed. This is still insanely underrated.

  • this is so good, im going to make a beat saber level for it! this sounds like something from a doom soundtrack its amazing! great job on this 259,000/10! please dont mind my pfp this is from 5 years ago lol

    • Hope it turns out well! Glad I could inspire you! :)

  • yo this is actualy fire

  • Pure expression