New description: This was the first version of Sky Fracture, the title track for the Sky Fracture album. It was entered into Audiotool Day 2021. It did not place.


Old Description: My entry for Audiotool Day 2021. This has been probably the most fun track of mine I've worked on to date, hope you enjoy!


(Cover art made by me, using Blender.)

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  • I'm gonna wait till the album's ready to actually republish the newer (better) version.

  • This might be my 2nd most popular solo track

    very cool

    • it is my third most popular, my entry for 2020 stands at 43 favs currently

  • wow, that is someting else, huge!!

    • It’ll sound even better once AT Day 2021 if finally done being judged so I can republish this

  • Insane stuff dude

  • Love that 130 mid-tempo drop.

  • Republished

    -Fixed some transition issues

    -Made Drop 1 bass a bit louder

    -Made sub a bit louder

  • Republished

    -forgot to unmute the guitars

  • Republished

    -reduced track length by almost 1 minute by cutting out that useless beginning section

    -wasted several hours of my life by replacing all the fake guitars in the track with real ones only to like the fake ones better

    -made the orchestral drums and fake guitars less annoying

    -changed sub sound design

    -changed sound design slightly for all the basses

    -hopefully mixed things a little better

  • i love this shit man, but please work on your volume control and limiting. Frequencies are all over the place and it sounds like you just turned up the volume on everything. Contrary to popular belief, louder is not always better. Things can sound loud but not actually be loud. Any sort of compression works well in this way, you can use quantum like its an everything-sauce. Also some basic EQ cuts here and there work well too, to get rid of frequencies like the mid-high one at around 2:08

    • thanks, I'll definitely work on that,

    • for limiting you can use a waveshaper (base preset) or a crusher (turn the bits up to 24)

      always use curve for EQ, anything else will lose sound quality

      quantum is audiotool's OTT, abuse the hell out of it

  • There's no way that an audiotool song can be this good bro!!!

  • This is neat! Most of the impacts and crash at the high ends are hittin' me hard though. If I could try and pint-point a region, around 5k ~ 10k?.

    • That’s a product of my trying to cut corners. I actually boosted that area on the cinematic drums so they would stand out a bit more, and left the crashes in the same drum machine, so they are boosted, too. I’ll fix that when I can

  • Republished

    minor change

  • nice cover art. Love the build-up, intense stuff.

  • pretty cool. I don't have anything to say because I've never done these types of projects before on Audiotool

    • no problem

    • That’s fine, thanks for listening

  • this is intense, wow i really like this, and i don't really like dubstep like that, this is pretty good.