Scurry, scurry, worry, worry,

Like the hare I run about,

Busy, busy, in a tizzsy,

I only hear the voice without.

Quiet, hare. Do not despair.

The voice within is strong and sure.

If you just listen, you'll learn your mission,

Be confident and self-assured.

Forced myself to make this track in 2 sittings (A real challenge for me.) I feel like it turned out rather well...Comments and critiques are always welcome and as always THANK YOU for taking the time to listen to my track.

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  • still brilliant merle! hope you're doing well brother :) pay us a visit sometime. cheers

  • nice1!

  • BTF

  • good job.

  • Yeah they fall out of the mix a bit at some places but overall I'm pretty happy with them... maybe I'm just too lazy to fix them too :)

  • another point. think drums culd be louder?

  • yeah my style has also kinda turned drastically from one to another too before. I made a track of all minor chords with some deep wobble and sounds violent but ive never even tried that before ever and all of a sudden

  • Yeah its funny too because I never set out to make "happy" tracks but somehow it happens. Some of my older stuff is kinda dark though. More than anything I like to mix things up as much as I can.

  • hahah I see well its cool :P I was juss wondering :) looks like we'll both be fist pumping alone in our house to the AT party via livestream hahaha but this song is very happy I enjoyed listening to it. alot of your stuff is hard not to love and I wasnt real sure on why i wasnt following you already but i am now. not very many people on AT make specifically happy music on here I omly know three. you me and callykay

  • @Dei Servus thanks man, I always enjoy when people take the time to make specific comments. I decided on the title because, to me, the bassline was very hoppy and reminded me of a rabbit. There's more to the story but thats the short answer :)

  • but GREAT GREAT GREAT song :) Im glad this came along my feed :)

  • hahah WOW love those sweet little pitch slides here and there and I can tell that you have a gift or rather extreme knowledge on how to right melodies, counter melodies, and harmonization for main parts and it really makes this song great love the chord progression :) all major chords? however I didnt really see how you came up with the title but its all about perspective of the mood I gues :)

  • Thanks sKruhmpshus, appreciate your feedback.

  • wow love that intro... 1:00 - 1:10 is a sick drum intro to that hard style synth ..amazing work man

  • Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it.