"A Promise Made...Is a Promise Kept"

Now, a new Promise has been made.

This track was tough, and i mean TOUGH, to make. It's been a while since i've made a chillstep track, so it took me some time to remeber how to. I think this is the first track i've ever made that has had an emotional impact on me. I had to stop working on this for about a week because how much of it is this song. This could probably make a serial killer break down in tears.

"A Second Promise", Otherwise called "Supreme". If you couldn't already tell, this is a remix of my song "Promise". I'm pretty convinced that this is my most emotional track so far. This even beats both "Serenity" and "Dark Shine" on the tearjerker-scale. Gravistep doesn't get anymore chilled or darker than this. Enjoy


We find our center of gravity in, "GRAVITISM"

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