I really liked this track and I felt like it had a lot of potential hahahahaha, so I decided to do a little VIP on it. Hopefully y'all can see how much progress I've made in the time I've been on AT.


P.S. I actually submitted the original for a national competition, surprisingly it won lmao. I was tasked on doing a refined version of it, probs why I also did the VIP hahah.

*competition is not to be confused with HOME OFFICE, the original didn't even make it to Top 50 I think XDDD

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  • Composerily's HTSL Said the sky melody detected :)

    • It's really hard to hear it, but since the older version of LITO the melody was so recognizable in the intro, that you can also listen to it there. Honestly, in most of your old tracks, the chords and melodies and basically the whole structure of the track are taken from Composerily HTSL tutorials on YouTube. *Old tracks only*. I guess that's the way you learned the basics of music theory.

  • this is my new fav song now

  • 1 more
  • only now have I realised nas faved the trACK, WTF

  • wow it's pretty close to 100 favs lmao

  • dope.

  • or masked singer lol

  • lol i mean it

  • this kinda reminds me of back home its really amazing you should go for america's got talent!

    • Ahaahah thanks for the support <3

  • i feel like this just kinda sounds like if i just closed eyes and put on headphones i would just be like in complete and utter oblivion of the outer world. This song is really amazing and professional sounding, and ur voice is really, really great!

    • It doesn't really surprise me u won a national competition with this bc this is like so darn good lmao

  • where did you get the voice for that

  • is that u that sings it

    • Yeap, all my tracks, its me singing

  • nice

  • I love the climax of the song, it's very interesting. Whenever you have certain elements going on, make sure to EQ them properly, especially the lead synths. Lead synths usually hold a lot of unwanted frequencies.

    • Yah i like boosted way too much high on this one xD

  • I just read the description of the album while listening to this track, and... I don't know what to say, except I'm very, very sorry for everything. I'm sure my words won't do much, but hope you are doing well and I'm glad that you were able to channel your feelings and turn your negative feelings into something positive. I gotta say that I love your music and you're kind of an inspiration to me... Keep doing what you're doing.

    • Aww my bad man I'm so sorry!!! I'm sending some virtual tissue boxes right now!

    • Er u owe me 10 boxes of tissue, i need to clean up all these tears on mah fcking desk