-Gravi's Thoughts: I wanted to go back to my roots for this one. I tried to recapture the Emotional, Cinematic, and Dark tones that my earlier tracks had, but without all the noobish mistakes. There are several new synths in this track, as well. ^-^



DEADLINE: May 1st, 2015



-Chapter 2: "Aiden"

I can remember the day of my younger brother's birth. There are only a few times in my life that I've been genuinely happy. That day was one of those times. Aiden Darcone could best be described as a "Happy Accident". Mom didn't find out she was pregnant with him until about a month after Dad had died. It was a little overwhelming for all of us to have to deal with what should have been a happy occasion after such a tragic event. It wasn't until after he was born that I started to resent him and become distant. I'm not saying I didn't want a younger sibling. It's just...it would have been better if that sibling was anyone but Aiden. He can be a walking paradox at times. Loud, stubborn and unnaturally impulsive one minute, and then reserved, innocent, and annoyingly child-like the next. Mom says that he acts like a near carbon copy of Dad when he was young. The resemblance was uncanny, as well. I had always hated that about him growing up. He was a constant living and breathing reminder that my...our dad was dead. But, as much as I resented Aiden, he was the only person I could sort of relate to growing up. That's why as I looked into his dream, I felt absolute dread. I needed to find my little brother, at any cost...


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