Vocal chops from some Aeiter stuff

Some guitar chopped from Naut's stuff

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  • Good vibes

  • Really cool

  • the vocals sound like Tyler Joseph.

  • love the perc and vocals

  • i like this

  • vibe on this one is really good, sounds work well together

  • This is first place in my heart <3 should of been top ten

    • thanks! I'm happy I participated :)

  • Should be 10x the lenght! Love it! :)

  • Bro just glo'd up on everyone huh?

  • The chopped vocals are really cool

  • Super chill track man, nice job! Personally I think the vocals are a bit too repetitive, maybe throw some more reverb or a delay or something like that on it so that you can reduce the repetitiveness but not have it feel so empty? Hearing this on crappy speakers rn so I can't really hear the details but I really like the idea of it :)

    • I can see that possibility in a section or two. i'll look into it :) thanks for the feedback!

  • Yurrp

  • each sound compliments the other.

    i like it!

  • I could live in the intro alone - simple vibe I could ride out too. I'm kind of split on the vox though -- I get what it adds but I don't know if its necessary

    • tysm for the honest crit! I definitely see what you are saying :) I was iffy on it too but decided it added some character.

  • Very nice man, to bad it is this short :)