throwback to my very first armenix tribute track. it was a sort of remix to this sample that he had out.

now im back with that same sample, just a LOT better sounds and all that. Goodbye bro!

ill miss ya!

<3 ^_^

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  • can u send me some loops

  • How!? O.O

  • dude u still cease to amaze me !! love this darklite !

  • this deserves so much more attention

  • I've never heard so much emotion in an AT track before.

  • how do you even do this, this is amazing!!!!!!!!!!

  • this is dope man. Love the contrasts between the drop and the melodies

  • Dark Open up your own business ask to produce music for some guy or make a youtube channel where you upload your music and hey i might be creating a youtube channel of gameplay maybe if you let me use this as intro

  • thank :D and cool

  • This is so good! It sounds like the drop you made on glacier (which is my fave song on AT, so that's good :) )

  • why won't more people like this. it's amazing!!

  • YESSS ! Amazing one m8 !

  • Only for Armenix. Sorry m8 :/

  • thanks yo :) mixed up some dubstep with my melodic shtuff :)

  • i love this this, except some sounds sound a little harsh, other than that this is awesome