Perhaps my best quality sound so far, except for that out of place intro. I aimed for 80s/90s sound but ended up Inavoning the shit out of the track instead. I'm proud of my layered bass, though.

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  • i love this

  • i love this

  • rly catchy i kip cuming baque

  • my nigga

  • congratulations on 2nd place man ! :)

    This oldschool tehcno tune is very reminiscent of "Kraftwerk - The Model" released in 1978. You have captured the sound of the late 70s and early 80s techno perfectly in this well produced and well structured track !

  • If that did not make sence its supposed to be the AT batman.

  • I love the cover. Inavon will now be know as audioman, the quiet tool. The audio signal in the sky is his sign to save the world with music!

  • I love this

  • Great pic!! the at signal.

  • Nothing out of place here.

  • Wow this is high quality sound design ! Pro af !

  • holy shit, fantastic

  • idc if you aimed for 80s/90s but its still great

  • <3

  • Great quality sound and i love the track as a whole. (maybe the intro is a bit odd)

    Enjoyed listening to it allot