Thought i'd enter into this years audiotool day, it's incredibly simple but in my eyes, or ears, a nice sounding track. Hope you enjoy :)

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  • Chord progression reminds me of "Hello" by Adele ;D

  • really nice entry man !!

  • The arp!


  • Omg thank you for not destroying me in Future Bass ;)

  • Wow id r8 8 out of 8 m8. Really though, Wonderful feel to it. Nice stuff! ;D

  • dope as always

  • @E-trim Cheers, will probably go ahead and review that at some point :)

  • Nice dnb man. Love the piano allot. Kick is nice and punchy. Snare could punch through more imo. Im not the biggest fan of the snare sound ether. I think a more snappy one would fit the track better. Just my honnest thoughts man. But u can be really proud of this one.

  • i can respect quality dnb

    nice work

  • >:C

    y u no original

  • @synthonix

    are u telling me to shat up!!

    are u telling me to shut upp!!


  • cant tell you how good this is...

    because i'm in space...

    and sound can't travel in space...

    stfu synthy

  • thanks. Can't just be me, but some parts sound really space-y xD