we are all broken in some way, but the love of beautiful souls builds a bridge that can heal

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  • can i use this for a song i will give credits to you

  • a minute in, and this is already my favourite track. Thank you, tornsage :)

  • Awesome m8, love the atmosphere :)

  • This is so pretty

  • hehe! Adele stole your first chord! :D

  • this song is amazing, you can really feel the beauty behind it and its almost like someones talking so someone else telling them something and then towards the end the person replies.

    again . gorgeous song

  • I say the same thing as I said before. Your music is just so relaxing, emotional and yet tense at the same time. Start selling some.

  • absolutely love this track...or should I say Story. Very True that we are all broken. To each our own to overcome. (this track sounds very depressing yet relieving at the same time. i think part of the relief comes from the beat beginning at 2:08 that there is a sense of Hope. I agree with Icepick, very touching.

  • amazing song

  • brother I agree with you you're right)) you have turned out very beautiful melody, malodets

  • While browsing Audiotool I'm usually impressed, but while browsing your music I'm usually touched. This is amazing track and it was even better after reading the description. Thanks for sharing your music, this one goes straight to my iPod.

  • Beautiful very haunting and magical.

  • Very powerful dude, you always been an inspiration for me whenever I create music. This song is very deep and touching. I do not know your personal story behind this song but I am sure you poured all your emotions into it.

  • hauntingly beautiful

  • Amazing. love the piano