Might make it into a full 7min track later :)

Thx Jay for the awesome high quality samples!

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  • This song has a beat that you can move your head side to side a little.

  • That cover has some tofu cubes i see... Yum!

    • that's right! :) Love tofu

  • My personal favorite out of competition!

  • such old school grooves

  • Omg, my brain has been played with. Awesome work!

  • I thought my base is good

  • hammer

  • woah - great sounds you get out of the samples! Great Sounddesign man!

  • this is an all around great track regardless of the challenge

  • Great composition, love it !!

  • I love the dub feel. Very very good entry! I hope you're proud of this cuz it's really cool. Those sounds are also so transformed and it's really interesting to see how you can really manipulate a sound.

    • thx! for the deep sub, Machiniste's or Slope's filter resonance can be turned up quite high to amplify any frequency and get some clear notes!

    • I'm also super envious of that deep sub you somehow created. Definitely a top entry for sure!

  • dude...

  • Pff there goes my submission, oh well. Was expecting it to get taken over anyway

    • nah man dont underestimate your submission

      everyone has different ways of making their submissions pop, just cause you may think it sounds better than yours shouldn't devalue your efforts with yer stuff grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

      i will slap you with my empty tropical sprite bottle if you downplay yo submissions again >:(

    • maybe i'll try one more time.... ;-)

    • i just don't understand where you get the energy to put so much effort into these 😭

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  • broooo how!

  • I didn't really want to like or comment on any remix during the challenge, but - let's put it this way: It's not that bad