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  • throwback, this was fun

  • title is me when my parents tell me to do smthn i dont wanna do

  • i remember this is was one of the first AT songs I ever heard

  • 100th comment lol

  • holy shit i remember this <3333333333

  • Unique and amazing. :D

  • Sick

  • Sick

  • nah nostalgia is important going back to your roots is good I always go back to old pilgrim stuff because he was like my catalyst

  • i remember when this was just a wip

    like only the 1st min or so

    i had just gotten on AT (it was also right during halloween) and when i heard it my mind was completely blown.

    idk where i’m going wit this but it’s still pretty awesome!


  • i cant getover how old this is yet its still one of my favourite songs, and i think loads of other people agree

  • Awesome!

  • Re-Fav! Love this track.

  • Oh my god I just came back to this and it's sooo good. <3

  • wow, starts of really weird and random, but sounds like it took a lot of work, but sounds immensely cool and loving the treble in this, and dont forget the bass. like navor said about it being f**king unique or something. thats the creator of the amazing anna, so be damn pleased.