Alright, so I think it would be a good time to do this. This is assuredly not a "contest".

It is however a "contest". But your opponent will not be other people on audiotool. It will be with yourself. I will not be giving out prizes, promotion, or anything else. If you are still interested in taking part, please read on.

I challenge you to challenge yourself. Hit remix on this blank track, and create something out of your comfort zone that means something to YOU. I want you to feel free to express yourself without trying to impress people. The more out of place it is for you normally, the better.

When you are done, publish your track here, and write a little to say what the song means to you. There is no best or worst tracks, and the only judge will be yourself.

Think of it like an art gallery where everyone can submit thier work. I strongly encourage everyone taking part to take time and listen to other artists works posted here.

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