Cover of track Kurea - Oni (WIP) by Kurea
  • 2 weeks ago
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Kurea, Kurea - Oni (WIP)


prolly full song soon

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    Kurea 5 days ago


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    Nobiwon 5 days ago

    zero two would've asked what this is

    but it sounds good and would like to see it finished

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    hvd ☁ (gone) 1 week ago

    InTro is bland and SounDs RUsHEd

    You’re NoT gOoD at edM

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      Kurea 6 days ago

      in all seriousness it kinda was rushed

      i made the intro n shit in a night bc i wanted to pub b4 bed so i could relisten without my cpu dying

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    daughertyjac 6 days ago

    this is great

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    hvd ☁ (gone) 1 week ago

    hAve you sEen any tutorials On Virtual RIOt bass ? CHeCK it OuT , it CouLd HrLp

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      Kurea 1 week ago

      wHo tHiS vErTicAl rOiT dUdE

      sOuNdS lIkE gAy