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  • I miss you ollie.

  • holy-

  • I just remembered something I haven't remembered since I first saw this. I remember thinking that this snapshot was huge in mid 2019


    • The thing is I like a lot of modulation. And in AT if you want a high quality modulated bass, sometimes you have to add lots of effects. It sucks, cause for example if you want an amp effect, you need a bandaplitter, 3 tubes/waveshapers 3 EQs at minimum. I feel like I'm making full use of what I have, since the outcome is what I expected from the beginning. My current knowledge is very small compared to the top people. But its growing

    • Nah that's cool though @Client if you feel you're making full use of what you add and it's doing the job then you crack on.

      Some of the most complex tracks I've ever heard turned out to only have like, 20 channels, and vice versa. I mean, Single Ladies by Beyonce had like 10+ producers or something, excessively produced track and it sounds basic af.

      If it sounds good, fuck how you made it sound good, just make sure it sounds good 👌

    • Why use many FX when few FX do trick

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  • And still comming back to this one <3

  • ah yes, satisfaction.

  • This track has absolutely infected me. There hasn't been a month where I didn't think of this. Refav

  • swagging

  • Yo, ya'll were trippin' when you made this absolute gem!

  • remaking this in ableton in the summer, super psyched. Imma bounce out a few bits and bobs of this so you might see a few 'remixes' or w.e at some point :)

    • haha no sweat man, glad it got back to ya! Im definitely down, done with uni for a bit so im pretty free! Hmu on messenger? :D

    • R u ready teddy? <3 Just realized I never responded back after it came back lol

    • yessir teddy <3

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  • awesome! i could break this down by section, but why do that when i could just say i really like this track!

    • eee thanks man! <3 always good to see you around my man! :D

  • listening to this shit faded hits different

  • This is completly professional

    Its amazing how all of you know the studio so well.

    its also suberb theres a website out there where you can make decent music for free.

  • fuuuck those basses

  • Mint....!

  • Snapshot looks like an Audiotool world map ha cool AF guys ,dope earcandy ;)