Cover of track Icebox's Hiatus/ 200 Follower Remix Competition (Closed) by Icebox
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Icebox, Icebox's Hiatus/ 200 Follower Remix Competition (Closed)


Since I'm going on hiatus, and I owed many people collabs on my birthday, I felt like this would be a great thing to pull off. So, let's not stand on ceremony and talk competition rules.


1) You must use at least one of the melodies, chords not necessarily. You may change the progression, or alter some of the notes in the melody, as long as it's still recognizable.

2) Your track must be more than 2 minutes. Though that doesn't mean you should just copy paste the same thing over and over again, add some variety to it. I'll be judging on effort, so make it count.

3) You can change the BPM and key of the song, so long as the melody(ies) is/are recognizable.

4) Multiple entries are allowed, but I will only pick your best entry.

5) Collaborations are allowed ;).

6) I'll be ranking your tracks kinda like how the HOME OFFICE contest goes. I'll pick out the top 10 in a playlist, and the first track will get 10 points, the second track 9 points and so on.


Ways to get extra points:

- Using both melodies earns you 1 extra points

- Having a full song more than 3 minutes (that doesn't just loop) earns you 1 extra point

- Using >30 seconds of any vocals of mine from tracks of my Bubblee album earns you 2 extra points

Important note: If you're going for the vocals, they have to be in the right key. Otherwise, it won't count.



As you all already know, the top track gets a Samson CO1UPro Condenser USB Microphone. Top 3 will get featured in my next album after I return, which will go on all streaming platforms including Spotify and iTunes. We'll share any revenue we make off of that album ;).

Anyone within Top 10 gets follows and likes.


Due date is on 1st December 2020 (not to be confused with 2019).

Hopefully people participate in this remix competition :).

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