-Track: 14 of 14

-Title: "Final Miracle"

-Featuring: @no vyce (Kryptic) @Vulkron @okin @Litonix @Kole Zuh @Zarv @wvst

-Genre: Future Bass / Jersey Club

-Summary: A monumentally detailed Future Bass track with Jersey Club elements and an All-Star Roster of producers. Major inspiration was taken from Hyper Potions and Subtact. An INSANELY HUGE THANKS to all of the contributors who helped work on this for the past couple o' months and also to all of you for supporting the album up until now!!! <3

-Description: "You exiled me in youth, because you feared the chaos that would cause not knowing that it would only make me stronger. I was only meant to guide and protect you. In time you would've helped hone my gifts if we had shown compassion for each other. I no longer wish for there to be conflict between us. My last and Final wish is that you place your faith in me to uphold my duty as your protector and as your king..."


Hope You Enjoy! ^-^

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