Cover of track Monlinyte (Halloween 2020) by Jase (forgotten)
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Jase (forgotten), Monlinyte (Halloween 2020)


idk i came back or something (but only for holidays)

i feel like some of you could do alot more with this than i did, some parts (namely the beginning and the end) were pretty half assed, but i guess i made it in time for halloween. Because of this, uh, half-assery, i left remixes and downloads open for anyone who wants to either pick out some of the sounds/synths i used, or for anyone who wants to remix it. Anyway, i'll be heading off to FL now, and i should be back by Christmas. if you for whatever reason need to contact me, you can find me on discord, my @ is Jones#0453, and in the event that this changes, just yell at me on my wall or something idk ill check it eventually. anyway love yall cya later adios ciao bye bye weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


British people on Halloween be like "Ludicrous tomfoolery or delectable sweets!"

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