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  • inspirational asf <3

    • ahhhhhh the ending <3<3

    • the sound design is so lush and full omg

  • wow

  • been listening to minecraft alpha for nostalgia's sake recently. this fits right in.

    this sound design is so perfectly feathery, and the melodies are so blissful... you must've had mad fun making this one

  • this gives me a weird feeling but it's also really good. Totally see the comment about Minecraft music.

  • This is a great peaceful song.

  • i cant remember the last time i charted #1, thank you all

  • this is oddly specific, but the strings reminds me of a scene from “master and commander” where the captain is jamming out on his cello with the doctor right before the climax of the movie (except this one’s the metallic version)

  • hes done it again

  • this is really really good

  • I love all the little variations and details in this track! You could totally take over for Minecraft music lol

  • This is really impressive! Love the atmosphere you create with your ambient tracks!