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  • holy..


  • refav

  • I swear i need to listen to ur music more

  • very surprised that this track didnt chart

    • TBH, I think it did; but before the chart position stuck to the track for life.

    • i swear this did chart??

    • That's the "Cal Lycus" effect I'm afraid :P

    • Yeah I'm on 10! Might be worth waiting for the next update (in case they charge for it?)

    • You use 10? I'm currently still on 9...10 has been tempting me lately though...

    • ah i meant in ol' ableton ;)

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  • the drums feel a bit to tight

  • I like coming back here to read the comments. Just saying.

  • why havent I listened to this sooner

    absolutely mind blowing, i could totally see you becoming a huge artist like Xavi or acloudyskye, such amazing sound design and creativity from you two <3

  • Wondering why this is so far only track you made with likes not hitting even over 100, even though this one is advertised ( featured ) by audiotool on the board and elsewhere.

    Like every next published track gets less likes than previous.

    Not hating Ollie just wondering why you think is that and what u gonna do about it?

    • I see.

      Future Perfect was golden. Can't seem to understand why you decided to hide it. Not right to decide for everyone which track I like I will not hide. It is like with picture when you take a selfie. Usually exactly those pictures where you think you look like shit are the best ones rather than those where you think ok this looks nice. Haha

    • also AT isnt nearly as busy as it used to be a few months ago (sample upload ban)

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  • Sample ban comverted to user ban. LOL

  • i love this so much! great work guys!

  • much love for the faves and comments btw guys, glad to know you guys like this! :)

  • so many different things happening. i love it

  • sounds like resonance basses