So this is a thing.

Everyone kinda just contributed.

I just let it develope.

This is what happened after a lot of time.

This started before I announced my leave and it went on for a long time with a lot of pauses.

As far as I can tell, everyone contributed and ElectronicSin came in and changed everything, might be very wrong about that so don't take my word for it.

I hope you enjoy it.

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  • love the arpeggios

    • thanks, but I did nothing on this. Make sure you check out all the folks that actually worked on this

  • interesting that ive never head of this. really captures the melancholic feeling of a goodbye

  • WoW MegaCollab !!

    I loved that lead-bass melody.

    cool chords progression

    Congratulations to all of you ;)

  • your name is spelled wrong in the title

    • Finally was able to hide it, wasn't letting me. thanks tho :P

    • Ok, I repubed, you are no longer invited, but I cannot remove you as it seems

    • oh

  • Republished

    removed someone who wanted to.

  • I've worked on it, because even if we haven't talk a much, your presence on this website matters to me, you where a amazing guy, goodbye :)

  • Oh lol

  • My contrabution: 3 notes

  • yeah i didn't added anything but everyone that did has done a great job

  • lol i forgot about this