0:14 - Impending

0:38 - It'll All Be Over Soon

2:32 - And Everything Will Be Okay

~Happy ATD, everyone~

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  • also refav

  • I'm alllllll about the spooky weird stuff xD I'm following youuuu.

  • there is something about your music that i just cant describe

    its amazing

  • I need a prog version of this stat

    incredible composition man

    i often say when it comes to music production that the ability to arrange is another form of expression in itself

    • Thank you so much! <3

      And it definitely is, I think it's one of the most fun parts too

  • This is actually so fantastic sid, one of the best experiences from start to finish. Everything feels incredibly deliberate and raw, and each section feels like 3 parts to a whole journey.

  • was waiting until winners were announced to comment, but god this track is great

    one of my fav entries for sure, maybe my fav

  • Dude this shit is fucking amazing!!!!!

  • Holy shit sid. this fucking rocks

  • exactly what i needed in my life

  • This is sick. I'd love to see more metal things like this here

    • Luckily I'm starting to go further in that direction! :)

  • woahhh, this is quite interesting!

  • deserves wayyy more recognition man. :/

    • I'm at least glad the recognition it has gotten was positive! Even from myself this time (didn't really like my previous entries)

  • Mmm.

  • I like "It all be over soon" reminds me of the doors in a strange way, the end is epic