a song i helped out with it sounds pretty awesome

please dont make a stupid remix


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  • very calming

  • tht is sexy bro

  • whoa dark beggining and the rev. cymbal in the beginning hurts my ears. but the bass is awesome and the drop is pretty nice :P :)

  • Awesome! ;)

  • the sound that comes in at 1.30 is sickly

  • sick

  • i may mix this i've got tons of ideas

  • mmmmmmmmmmmmMMMMMMMMMMm very nin.

    So sicki can hear reznor screaming. I dont really like the wobs at 1:00 or so it just doesnt fit up quite that early. i really liked the feeling in the first minute. all that nasty fancy stuff needs to be transitioned into more justly.

    I only criticize songs that are worth the characters!

  • very cool man!!! love the industrial clanking and the wobbes @ 1:10 great job on this @ 1:30 LOVE THAT!!!! GREAT JOB MAN!!! one of my favorites. It could be worked on a little to actually be my favorite and to download it. nevertheless great song. sounds are nice and fat reall wet. awesome man

  • A bit do disconnected for me. if you filled in the gaps with something slightly higher pitched, this would easily be one of my favourite songs on here

  • Its really good!

  • Oh, so very sweet. Came back for another listen and download. Friggin awesome beat and intro. My creepy face should emulate my elation.

  • awesmome :D

  • oh my god. this is fucking good.

  • this is freaking boss man, keep doing stuff like this