Cover of track it was only a matter of time by Fluent
  • about 7 months ago
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Fluent, Bleū, it was only a matter of time


I've had this draft for awhile. Thank you Opaqity for that flutter sound, and Bleu for blending it all:)

Shoutout to bluedude for that sax preset.

Sidenote: Bleu was very patient and walked me though finalizing this. Several hundred messages and one call later it is perfect.

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    Young Heartbreak about 3 months ago

    Know it's only a matter of time before you go. Don't loose the grip get a hold. Devil is close and grip is so cold, Looking for something special before I die and get old. Love when you're there, worried about the outcome think too much and it's making me fold. Jump back and watch you swerve out alone, I guess we were just on to different roads. Please lord fulfill me without all of the potions, people stuck around me on something potent, Come to me and I'll prove I deserve what i'm wanting.

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    Fluent about 4 months ago

    this is probably mv fav thing ive made

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    lil.fade about 4 months ago


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    Ari. about 5 months ago


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    MHIGOR about 7 months ago