I'm back in Future Bass! God it feels good to be producing my main genre again XD. Time to reclaim the charts, or not lmao.

Thought this song had a lot of potential, so I made a quick edit. It won't sound like the original, because I re-pitched some stuff and added my own melodies, but I kept the main melody (the one from the drop in the original) in here. So yea. I started with the drop, followed by the buildup and the verse, just like how I make all my future bass tracks (yeap, I work backwards hahaha).

Anyway, do you guys want me to turn this into a full thing? Leave your feedback as you wish too, would be cool to refine my sound even more. Nevertheless, do note that this is my first FB track after hiatus, so I may be a little rusty in the studio hahah. Cheers guys <3

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