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I have a feeling this is how Voyd's brain works during the time when he's making music.

It is like you convert his neuron signals and data into sound. So I think this is what is happening in his brain while he's making music.


I can make lofi music, but this, in particular, was crazily hard to accomplish. I wanted to replicate the vibe that Voyd used to make 5 years ago. He has changed nowadays more into experimental stuff, which is okay, but his old stuff was GOD TIER. This track is the 4th try. The mix itself is super crispy clean, but I tweaked with the frequencies on the multi-band compressors to make the vibe muddy and give it that special signature of a true old-school lofi house vibe. Voyd and his music are super special to me and the only thing that makes me sad is how underappreciated and underrated he is, not only on AT.


P.S While making this track I learned new percussion effect tricks. At 0:55 the percs are not sample. It is 909's RIDE with live real-time effects applied. There is an amazing Pulsar + Crusher and Rassel if necessary - combo. Ask me for the template if u want to grab the setup for your warehouse.


Thank you for your support, if you like this, don't follow me, follow Voyd.

Too rough 4 radio/ @emre girginkaya (voyd)


Hidden samples:

Zelvo clap - one shot

Cool Kick - one shoot



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  • i could die to this

  • this one always hits the soul deeply

    sounds like laying in bed all day - only sign of life is the sun barely creeping through the shades

  • well captured

    @VLTRA and he are pioneers of this sound here on AT,, truly perfected thier crafts

  • if you pressed a vinyl of these i'd buy them in a heartbeat! Great as always! <3

  • music for liminal spaces

  • Very very nice, as always. You're doing pretty good at capturing the sound you want to.

  • wonderful work bro!

  • Love the crunchy waves. Really good

  • me next



    and gosh dang this sounds like if sila and voyd collabed ajfjengjnthgg- absolutely YESSSSS on THIS AAAAAA

    • I love ur emotions ))

      Yea I have the same feeling we somehow mentally connected on this.

      Send me a blank draft and I'll drop it in.

  • <3 <3 <3 <3

  • YES

  • sounds like a crazy mix of dub techno and idm, pretty cool stuff