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  • first of all, whoa.

  • oh my god i forgot about this one this is insane

  • well would you look at that, im late

  • this makes me feel like im high and ive never done drugs

  • Holy shit someone get me a neck brace

  • gosh this draft be huge tho

    • im trying my best to remix here lmao

  • omfg my ears are pleased

  • What is an OTT?

    • Well, the Ableton stock plugin and the Xfer OTT have different presets, the Xfer one is even harder doing that than the ableton stock

    • Replicated means it’s designed

      Sorry about that mistake of spelling

    • @AKIRI OTT is a preset originally from Ableton's Multiband, Xfer just replicated it so others could use it for free

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  • thank you all again for the support on this one, brings me so much joy reading all of your comments :)

    • Lol please, we should be the ones thanking you for making such a cool track.

  • i wanna remix this but the draft is overwhelming

    • i would feel bad for whoever tries to remix triumph

    • i used to be so neat with my drafts but now its just "drag drop whatever"

    • its like when Einstein writes on a chalkboard. its goddamn genuis, but i cant read it or make anything out of it lmao

  • Y E S

  • Alien 1: Did the humans get the message?

    Alien 2: Yes,and....

    Alien 1: And.....?

    Alien 2: And they started to call it dubstep and dancing to it

    Alien 1: Facepalm

  • Nice!!!!

  • I thought this was titled slenderboobies

  • Nice