Cover of track Legend of the Crest by Dei Servus
  • about 5 years ago
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Dei Servus, Legend of the Crest


I worked very hard on this and I beleive I did an excelent job on EQing this overall and I guess the composition as well. This will be my entry to Audiobar wish me luck :D

Tell me what you think and tell me everything I could do better! :)

Btw the only sample I used was "gunshot" from someon (I forget the name)

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    Dei Servus about 5 years ago

    Thanks everyone!

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    Shredd about 5 years ago

    my favorite

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    AUDIOARCHITECT about 5 years ago

    good one mate !

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    valt about 5 years ago

    cool melody:)

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    Santi Tenca about 5 years ago

    very nice track man