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  • Lol! Of course I had to take a peek inside, and while I admire your work and especially appreciate your crystal clear consonants, I have to say that this is an exceptionally power hungry series of computerized insults. :P If I were to run this on the crappy laptop I used back in 2010 where I published my first attempt, most certainly Flash Player would crash, Internet Explorer would stop responding and the laptop would actually be able to cook the meat on Lady Gaga's dress.

    • lady gaga meat dress 😭😭🔥

    • If you put like 10 of them on a sawtooth, and automate the delay knobs sliding up, down, and squiggly, you get a really neuro-like bass. There's a lot of aliasing though, which isn't pleasing tbh. Also make sure that the tunes are at 0%, and that all the automations are not at the same values. I personally like to randomize a lot of my automations, rather than spending time thinking through. Like why do that when you could get an even cooler combo with randomization lol

    • @Client +1 on the sdetune chain. Turns it into a sort of weird flanger.

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  • this is gorgeously insulting

  • Also, with great power comes great responsibility. Spread love instead of insults. ;)

  • Can i use this? lmfao

  • now say penis

  • the demon in the studio got an attitude with it.

  • U got some serious talent dudeee

  • kizuna_ai.flac

    am i rite?

  • Very impressive

  • its trending already lol

  • did you use a midi converter?

    even so this is hella impressive

    • no

      It's just 2 notes, and vowel automations

  • Second to last one is just 👌

  • omg i hear it XD

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  • holy shit those last two...