So it STARTED out as a collab, but we just ran out of ideas at some point, and just powered through to finish the track. however, vulk left some badass ideas in the track, so he deffo had that part down. Ngl even though its a bit of a meme, its one of my better produced tracks. Thankie vulk <3 - sonic3ze

Yeah, i did nothing. -Vulk

i didn't write that but it's p much true. -actually vulk

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  • the roblox death sound murdered me


  • Soon as I hear the hipass on the drums, I'm like less fuggin GOOOOOOOO

  • kekw

    • hahhahahahaha first time i heard this track XD

    • its vulk lol what do u expect

  • E G G S + B A C O N = O M E L E T T E

  • Damn i missed this one.. You guys are sick, 2:58 goes hard

  • When u get out the battlebus and land and ur surrounded by all Minecraft Steves. Just dance to this song and everything will be ok!!!

  • motherfuckers know im guh

  • also why do those minecraft noises sounds so good in this

  • o m e l e t t e

    an ally has been slain

  • minecraft + fortntite sounds lol

    • this guy gets it

  • Dem Minecraft sounds though xD But that Bass is pretty sick!

  • Jeez I keep scrolling through my feed and slightly catching a glimpse of the word "Omelette" over and over and it's messing me up man, I just want an omelette so bad lol