alone, stumbling across this world

drums included but disabled

will likely be moving back to audiotool for a while

Remix: time is now

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  • really love it !

    I love how the notes create that space atmos !

  • Kurpy how do you open filter for certain notes and close it for other notes ? I mean, in the same arp.

    Keyboard tracker on the synth ?

    LFO on pulsar delay ? Arpeggiator…?

    Nice track man

    • not sure what you're talking about :-)

      the only thing relating to this might be the sustain automation and the lowpass filter on the arpeggiator, but it has no automation. for the first half of the song...

      second half has gate automation on arp instead of sustain automation on synth

      no keyboard traker, LFO on pulsar delay changes the pitch of wetness and makes it sound "bigger"

      the arpeggiator has a big range of notes (24) to choose, from 4 different octaves.

  • lLJNKWFJBWjegeowijlqejwgfwejgrifjwpirjsgoerwofq

    • that only makes it more impressive!

      and ofc :)

    • Actually it's only two synths, the rest of the stuff under the 2nd synth is kinda just there. But thank you for the kind words

    • hard to believe this is only three synths, but i love how you change the oscillators in the middle of your tracks, its something ive started to do, seeing how it helps with transitions(for me at least) as well as saving me from needing so many devices

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  • really beauitful

  • Huh, such mystery this is top notch, sensational

  • Just beautiful... no lie!

  • Just perfect atmosphere, your modulations of decays, reverbs and delays makes this music so alive. Thanks for this work of art :)

  • Wishing I had a device strong enough to handle drafts like this

    Still forcing it to work so I can tinker with some things

    • It oppenheimers the DAW and creates a deadly weapon no man should ever have in their possession

    • says right there on the manual ;-)

    • what does the booster do? also amazing song Kerp, I've been obsessed with your music lately its so good 🔥

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  • thank you all for the love

  • Nice kurbient!

  • so damn good kurp <3

  • Quasar is just the best

  • very gud track

  • ethereal stuff, love it