so this is my first real solo dubstep song. i spent a lot of time on it so i really hope you guys enjoy it.



Credit to TheClient for some of the sound design.



cover art made using artbreeder and photoshop.

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  • is it just me or are the triplets in the left ear ?

    • They're more in the left ear than the right ear. I can hear what you mean

    • maybe idk

  • Love the bass/dubstep

  • using my basses?

  • Woh

  • Refav, and downloaded

  • I've been waiting for like two months for this. lmao

    Love the triplets! This is some really solid tearout, along with a super sexy snapshot! The verb on the guns makes them sound louder than they actually are. lol

    And yeah, when your draft starts to get this big, it gets difficult to keep the mix together. No worries tho, still an absolute banger! Real nice job on this bro! :)

    • yo orry i didnt see this message. im down to let u have a go at a remix. idk if ur pc can handle it bt ill still let u try. also we should work on that house collab from a while back. it has so much potential

    • I agree too, now that I think about it. I notice that the things that are loud just have high resonances in higher frequencies, and the stuff to make up in mid and low frequencies are quieter.

    • Would you mind at all if I gave it a flip? If you wanted to keep the remix option closed, you could invite me, I can just copy everything to a separate draft and I'll include the original name in the title, and then you can remove me from the track. All the credit would be yours :)

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  • this is so good

  • woah wtf. i dont go on AT for a few days and now this has 1k plays.

    • bc everyone loves the background and how f good this sounds!

  • alv estas cabron viejo

    • I understood. I appreciate it ramiel

    • @Khalid It was not my intention to offend, I am Mexican and I speak Spanish, obviously. what I meant is that this track is: omg, you are fucking amazing man.

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  • Lmao i just noticed how much Pulverisateur's there are compared to Heisenberg's.

    • pulvs r good for mono sounds or analog sounds. so thats the only reason i use it most of the time. i use the pulv for my subs too. it just produces a cleaner waveform.

    • Ik

    • there are literally just 4 pulvs

  • I love it, it's really good

    It sounds like a movie song.

    THIS IS FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love the background in the beginning

    The snapshot in the studio will instantly make my laptop fry.

  • number 1 baby lfgg

  • I really like that intro, this track is awesome but it feels like there is too much whiter noise on the gun, idk it might be just me, NIce song bud

    • It doesn’t sound good in my car :(

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  • build is literally sex

  • Gun could be a lot more distorted and louder and have more sub, and a tone (sounds like whitenoise, that being said you might have to process it better.)

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