Don't love anyone

too much

it will hurt

more when they leave


yeah were late. we missed the deadline by more than a month. but we liked the vocals a lot so we decided to finish it. We put a lot of work into this. hope u guys enjoy.

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  • ooooh my god!!!!! :OOO

    Love this!!! :DDD

    not enough gritty low bass, and mids are lacking I feel like. something sounds too thickly processed. overdo on the ott/compresser maybe?

    anyways, the chords, growls, and everything is just CLASS bro! <333

  • po9t remix comp?? damnnnnnnn holy shitttttttt

  • holy shit


  • OMG!!!!! LIKE THIS IS AMAZING !!! its holding its hands to its head


    /| o o|\

    / | O | \

  • What kind of computer do you and Vault boy have? I need it bruv.

    • what to give it more rams and fps?????

    • i feed it newborns

    • i have an hp laptop. vault has a chromebook.

  • bro how did we not realize how ass the mix was

    • t h i n

    • yeah idk. it sounded good in the studio but as soon as we published...uh

  • bro the only part i like about this song iss the way the second drop comes in

  • Geez this is way too good. Those growls are godlike!

  • Ew why are you charting at number 1

  • Holy moly that draft

  • a little weird without headphones and still a little bit weird with them on, idk its like a little bit on the high side(i dont speak music)

    • forgot to say its still really good tho and saws are epically thiccc

    • ik what u mean lol. thanks

    • i don't speak trees

  • The basses sound really weird, and just not right lmao. I've also been doing a shit ton of Ableton, so my standards are a bit higher than they were before. I'm not saying they're bad, but they def could use some work. I know you Astrel, have recently been sorta introduced to making dubstep basses on AT. Which is still really damn good for where you're at with making them. Like my first few months on my basses were god awful. So huge ups to you man. Vault boy, you have no excuse LMAO (jk ly)

    • yeah vault made some sick basses but they werent very melodic dubstep-y.

    • LMAO i truly have no excuses we tried so many basses and all of mine were good but didnt fit

    • i appreciate it lol

  • those saws are so thicc... it quite literally blows me away xD

    Makes my saw sound design sound like shi- to me

    • yeah well cleb is just good. were not

    • cleb some how did what this track did, but with way less devices.

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  • That snapshot is intimidating. The music you guys make is always amazing.