Cover of album My Babies by Vault Boy #heisgang
  • 3 weeks ago
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Vault Boy #heisgangMy Babies

  • Vault
  • boy
  • dubstep
  • bad
  • kinda
  • Babies
  • hawt
Total playing time: 0:27:23

All of these are my babies good or bad I love them with all my heart I spent countless hours on them I hope you enjoy then much as I do :D

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    Stormdrain #heisgang

    3 weeks ago

    Bruh Silent but deadly tho.

    I'm already getting that throwback vibe. lmao


    Believe it or not that was the first time I collabed in almost 3 years. lol

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    Vault Boy #heisgang

    3 weeks ago

    omg I used that gun synth a little too much I loved that gun so much back then lol