Hey everyone, how have you been? It's been a little while. You guys have been up to some crazy stuff while I've been away - sounds I didn't think possible with audiotool are now commonplace and the standard is just incredible.

This has been sat in my drafts partially completed for close to 6 years now, I remember making the bare bones of this when I was still at school. I honestly never thought this would see the light of day, but a flurry of activity on it the past couple of weeks has got it to a point where I'm happy to make it public. This one is dedicated to the EB, who's endless support of Abyss has been nothing short of hilarious all these years.

Bless up Stroom and Zeus for the vox.

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  • Oh look, the AT legend came back. I just noticed this. lol

  • Damn, one of my favourite artists drops something and I miss it for two weeks. Never again.

    • I figured you weren't the type to ever stop making music, always fiddling with things. I still like this place the most for tinkering, even more so know with how robust its becoming. As for old drafts though, I don't think I have anything salvageable at this point, it's all so far below the standards I have now as opposed to 2-3 years ago.

    • Yeah I think I deleted that old page years ago... ancient days now. Music is a fickle mistress indeed, glad to hear you're back in the driving seat. I've been great, kind of drifted from audiotool when I left school but never really left, I love it far too much. It's always a trip down memory lane going through old tracks by people I used to listen to, and rifling through my old drafts. Still making music in life and enjoying it :)

    • I was gonna ask you that on facebook but a lot of people have cleaned up their facebooks or stopped using them since back then. I've been good though, making music was becoming just way too frustrating and mentally taxing so I end up taking a long ass break that I can assure you after coming back to work on something now; was absolutely worth it. Aside from music I've really just been good all around, doing the same things I've been doing for a decade now. What about you though?

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  • Yo why isn't it tagged as Ragga Jungle??? It's a banger tho still

    • Didn't realise Ragga Jungle was a tag :P Cheers boss

  • niiiice tune

  • oh hey look, pilgrim made a return

    Whats up bro, its been a while

    • Hey dude, it has been a while. Always nice to come back to audiotool :)

  • Holy wow, AT needs more of this. It's so thoughtfully put together, I miss these classic jams

    • Thanks man :) it really is a throwback tune for me, takes me right back to the good old days