Heartfelt love cuts deeper than the sharpest knife.


Yea, I'm going to be putting those cheesy sentences at the beginning of every track desc now hehe.


If you have time, I'd love some feedback! I'm still trying to develop my own style. :)

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  • This is too good omg

  • My heart didn't fell after hearing this, but my heart climbed the stairs of improvement after hearing this!

    • Hey guys! Pls listen my songs, I know that they are much bad than this, but I'm not able to figure out how to ameliorate myself. Can you help me?

    • You inspired me for sure. :)

    • everytime i see this thread it makes me happy. feels like i've inspired someone. but i prolly never did if im being honest.

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  • If I cant stop listening to this song for FIVE MINUTES ILL NEVER MOVE ON ARGHHGHG

  • Everytime I listen to your songs it warms this small part of me

  • saw qball remix this imma remix this too. If i get reminded xD

  • I love the layering you did. It does seem a bit repetitive but that's alright, its all about liking what you made!

  • <3 the only feedback I can think of is maybe making the bass line growl more to stand out during the drop cause right now the drop feels a lil underwhelming - but up to u doe cause I suck poo poo

  • Improving faster than I can keep up with.

    Soon you'll be giving ME tips on how to make music. lol

    Reminds me of when I taught Akiri, ngl.

    • hopefully she won't be as toxic as the latter xD

  • in a bit i'll try to remix this, but not today. i like this alot