This is an okayyy mix of Pirates of the Caribbean theme songs. See what I did there? hehe :p

Yeah I really think this is one of my best songs, if not best :) I like my dubstep for once!

There's samples, but they're all me made. Growls I made in Bluedude's growl template and bounced them and the other bass is made with FL. Computer got laggy during the creation of this which caused in those bounces. I just couldn't have too many synths. Then I updated Ubuntu and it got faster. Also FL won't open now(WineASIO problems), so I gotta figure that out, but in the meanwhile I got my will back to work with AT :p)

Hope you guys like it! Leave criticism and feedback on the comments please! Comments and feedback are very welcome, because that way I can improve from your knowledge :)

Update: Improved drop, because there were some looping problems. Added growls to end theme and polished the track all around. Let me know if growls don't fit the

Update 2: Enhancements on drop, new lead synth, new vocals before drop, lots of small tweaks around.

Update 3: First drop is awesome now! 2nd drop don't have time to change today

Update 4: FINISHED! Hope I win now! :D

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  • Sweet

  • Yeah you can, put then the trackname

  • This Is Awesome keep up the great work

  • Really?

  • You can tell how many times it's been downloaded?

  • Okay something is TERRIBLY wrong. It says this has been downloaded 586 times. I do not believe that ONE BIT.

  • thx :)

  • Relistenin :)

  • thx :)


  • I think this is my only successful attempt at dubstep. Like one I actually like myself as well.

  • Thanks and lol

  • really like this .... love the growls ...every 20 seconds or so ... i keep removing the headphones ... cause i keep thinking my phone is ringing

    haha what u have done

  • 70th Favorite! Can't get enough of this song...

    By the way okayyy, I'm following you from now on...Hopefully you'll do the same ;)

    Oh and one more thing!

    [[Shadowsong]] Let me know what you think!

    Thanks again!