Hey guys . THis is my remix of Pirates of the Carribean

In celebration for my birthday (dec 9th) i decided to Do a mix competition,

This is not really a competition as much as it is a mix Event With Prizes.

<<<<<<<<<<<< NSTRUCTIONS >>>>>>>>>>>

1 Click on remix for this track

2 Use same pic and Title it "Pirates of the carribean (you mix)"

3 Create a Track in any genera and by any means Available too you,

4 Publish your track as a remix of this track on audiotool by Jan 9th

++++++++++++ RULES +++++++++++++++++

1. Must be published in audio tool as a remix of this track otherwise i might not see it.

2. Must be Pirates of the carribean theme

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< TIPS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Creative use of samples are permitted

Out side DAW/VST are also permitted

If your track is completely different then mine THAT IS OKAY and encouraged. and i will not claim any rights to it.

Differenty Styles and Genera are Greatly encouraged

Enter as many tracks as you like

++++++++++++++ PRIZES +++++++++++++++


I will choose one winner who will recieve a sample pack of Hundreds of Drum one shots,

a feature on my home page and FB, and

an extra sample pack including pads basses Strings and Guitars.


I will randomly select 9 GOOD tracks that show creativity and effort, these artist will recieve Hundreds of Drum and percussion one shots. and a feature on my front page and facebook page

All sample packs will be Royalty free .wav quality samples

I created this track using only audiotool but you can use anything you want

I am putting a lot of effort into creating these sample packs so please put some effort into reading the instructions. and remember to BLOW MY FUCKING MIND

Good Luck

Edit : corrected some spelling and Turned up a synth slightly

Deadline Jan 9th

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