I tried really hard to make a decent track that sounds like what we listen to today... and I am some what nervous because my computer has been ascting goofy ;p (just like me right) but ya.

give me crtitisism

@Melonade I did fix that pan problem and I also fixed the synth dtring so it goes with the melody more.

I got distinguished honor rolll at school (that mean s I got all A's) and perfect attendance and they spelled my name wrong on the certificate, my real name does not end in an A it ends in a(n)

(haha you thought I was going to say it didn't you...... i am not that revealing.)

This song ,ight be the start of a new era for my music, ya never know....


I hope you enjoy.

oh and check out my remix contest!

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  • Video game music!!! Yayyyyy

  • (: uoıʇɔnpoɹd ʎɐʞʎןןɐɔ ǝɔıu ɹǝɥʇouɐ

  • great melodies, this is insanely good, that arp is so cool ;)

  • 50

  • :D

  • Just. Wow. You should make a YouTube and put up your music there. You could get recognized by a lot of people like Monstecatmedia. This is a really good track. I'm gonna have to download this to my iPod touch and listen to it on the bus like everyday.

  • nice one...like the melody....happy track...just the techno tag is not in the right place :)

  • nice synths :)

  • Nobody's remixed this yet? :)

  • Nobody's remixed this yet? :)

  • i love that happy side this give a very nice vibe right in the chest :)

  • nice track :)

  • great job :)

  • Yes, more bass helps to fill the sound out. Nice overall work. You should keep up the good work :-)

  • very sharp and cutting my friend if you want it to sound like today songs incorporate more of a bass and not to many soprano and "super soprano" (super high) voices. I think that my song atmosphere outlooks is a perfect example of this to be honest.