Cover of track Pulverisateur piano emulation 2 by noraus1
  • about 6 years ago
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noraus1, Pulverisateur piano emulation 2


pulverisateur based piano emulation patch

sound descent in 2 octaves

mixer sends:

send1 - stereo delay (not used now)

send2 - reverb

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    Light 3 weeks ago

    Love it <3

  • User Avatar

    floydpjasper about 2 years ago

    ya boy, scott j! awesome emulation!

  • User Avatar

    noraus1 about 2 years ago

    still, it sounds like some crappy gramophone tho

  • User Avatar

    noraus1 about 2 years ago

    @LEFT sure, i just dont know how to save published draft as template

  • User Avatar

    Potasmic about 2 years ago

    Did you sequence all the notes?! that's awesome!