Cover of track Smoke on the Water (Zir0h Remix) by Marjan Krnc
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Marjan Krnc, Smoke on the Water (Zir0h Remix)


So for about a week or two I have been wanting to do a Smoke on the Water remix, but I had no idea how to start. So on Monday I started looking at other remixes, trying to get ideas of what to make. Well, lo and behold, I struck inspiration, and I have to say this may be my favorite track yet! I've tried a lot of new elements, including side-chain compression and using gate effects to give me that electro house feel. I also challenged myself to use as little added effects as possible in regards to pedals and such. I'd like this track to serve as an example that you don't need tons of effects to achieve a specific sound. I also managed to get everything sounding as clean and full as possible without sacrificing quality or volume. I'll leave this open for remix so y'all can peek in, hopefully I can learn a few of you somethin'.

As always, please critique, and thanks for listening!!

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Stay classy, San Fran.

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