COSMiX: After suddenly realizing that, both EscReal and I both had very similar musical tastes, we decided to do a remix/cover of One More Light by Linkin Park, one of our shared favorite artists. EscReal had the idea of making it Illenium style, another one of our shared favorites. After abt a month of work, we made this and it sounds cool. Enjoy!

Escaping Reality: YOOOOO WE BOTH SANG IN THIS!!!!!

[Specifics: Me in the first verse/chorus, as well as all the track harmonies, him in the second verse/chorus, and then us together for the final choruses.]

You know I'd usually have a lot more of a description, but I think my bro here got it covered. Absolutely loved every moment of what we made together.

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  • @HWK I just went through a whole period of listening to the majority of my tracks, starting from this one and gradually working my way down to my very first one- and then topped it all off by going back to this one for comparison of then vs now. I almost cried, I can feel myself wanting to cry. Lmaooo

    • Gonna do the same right now

    • Idk how I only just saw this but that's aweosome

  • I like this a lot. Nice sidechaining, nice sounds. Solid work, but i think the vocal could use some big room reverb

    • Glad to hear that, thanks dude :) maybe we can look into big room reverb some time if Cosmix is up for that

  • Pizza goes very hard with this track

    • HAHAHAHA where is that coming from 😂 I'm sure it does but that's so random

  • Very nice

  • If this doesn't chart, I will unhappy

  • Wholesome Collab

  • Let's gooooooo!