raising sex from the dead, now with the rabbid dlc

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  • what XD

  • noise art

    • I think it’s the reverb + Detroit bass that takes me out

      it’s so beautifully alien

    • its deserved

    • hnjjtnh

      im genuinely honored a laddie like you is loving this so much ;v;;;;;;;;

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  • I love that cover. That rabbid looks like it has intentions.

    • How violent.. :3

    • she does

      she has the intentions to throw a boulder toward a sunflower

  • 20 likes my dood! you're getting there

  • ooh smexy...

  • :)

  • peach-rabbid

  • I really like the new more "solid", and less aquatic feel your tracks have

    • Lookin forward

    • oh so you mean literal alien tracks? yeah i hardly do those anymore nowadays but i will absolutely do it again eventually lol, but i definitely don't wanna make pure alien and make something RECOGNIZABLE out of it- kind of like how rain did his alien tracks, they were the definition of aquatic, but they still had some form of solidness to them that made it both surreal AND interesting xd

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  • this is so different from the original lol, i would have never guessed by ear that it was a remix of my track. this one sounds more like your 'older style', i like these alien sounds

    • also wanna abuse the mess out of the rassel again lol

    • yeah i've moved past beyond doing some edits with people's tracks, i absolutely 180 them to my own kind of track while still sort of having the elements of the original lol

      and really? must be why i enjoy listening to it so much xD

      i still miss when i just abused the helm holtz and pulsar to the absolute brim back then, i honestly might do that again cause gosh i made such rocking sounds from messing with the helm holtz to the fullest xd

  • are you 12? wtf

    • heehee


    • eh i dont mind lol

      im used to people being mentally older than their actual age while im the literal opposite HHAhe

    • now i get to call you young even though u older than me (:<

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  • This what you hear when you put your ear in a can of del monte green beans