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  • Thanks to all guys!! :)

  • wow 4 years ago?


    i guess

  • hypnotizing track!

  • My audiotool player is bugged, this song is playing on a loop right now, and I'm quite pleased with all this =)

  • yes haha i can hear it! well its coldplay :) nice job!!!!

  • Republished


  • Great track man! Love the subtle drum with the synth on top. If you like this, check out my new ambient/ synth fusion track Ambi-theatre :)

  • bella bella! grande come sempre

  • I really enjoy the eery quality this has.

  • How is it that everyone can make really complicated layouts that I don't even understand? I don't get how to use half of the effects either. Can someone help me at all? Or at least give me a link to a tutorial?

  • bel lavoro, WG!!

  • viibbbeeeeeee

  • Very good.

    Re Fav.

  • hehe!! E' Audiotool che da i numeri.......ultimamente gli ascolti vanno par i fatti loro!! :) Magari fossero reali!! :)

  • 4283 plays.... incroyable !