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  • completely unreal

  • This was released around a month or two after I first joined audiotool.

    The memories.

  • this is propa good shit, even better with a joint haha

  • So good m8. Boom. Wow. Boom. Wow. Boom. Wow.

  • This is cool, sounds like something sbtrkt could've made.

  • Sounds like something straight out of Adventure Time. cool!

  • honestly tho i need to figure out how you got the synth so stereo, sometimes im able to and other times im not with the stereoenhancer its weird :/

  • i like ur overall style its like chill electronica jazz.

    ill call it...chilltronic jazz

    wow im so good with words

  • is that skyrim in the picture?

  • Love this one.

  • Sounds like a dream. :0

  • I'm pretty sure everyone does that lol.

  • I listen to my own tracks, to see if I like it or not.