screw this song at this point

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  • This is insane.


    so you have multiple drafts with each portion of it to reduce lag and the add it in, then you risk it and listen to it for a check.

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  • how did i not fav this

  • I just saw this a month ago.

    WhY DiD It GeT So FuCkInG bIg

    • yeah, i think vault edited it.

    • maybe vault did actually. idk

    • we didnt change anything...

  • :OOOOO

  • lmao. listening back to this. its just drum fills. wtf were we doing haha

  • If you can make those basses with AT, like DANG BOI XD

    Anyways, awesome remix! Virtual Riot is insane btw

    • We actually made those basses in serum but it woudnt be to hard to make

  • nice wayy better than some of the stuff i came out with Lol

  • Basses arent AT >:(

  • That snapshot... i can tell you worked HARD

  • drum fills are OVER 9000!!!!!!!!

  • If you have a chromebook and made this, I'm very surprised.

  • Wait another one?!?!?!

    I missed. LoL

    • this song sucks ass lmao

    • Wait.... WTF the song totally change. : O

      This shit needs to be out.

  • ew wait. there is a saw bass in there thats so out of key. shit song.

  • LETS GO! its not on the charts anymore lmao