We are proud to present you with another masterpiece by the best AT house producers!


I really had fun doing this collab with Vulkron at 4am everyday and i really respect this dude when it comes to collabs. Vulkron is in college and doesn't have lots of time. I finished the build to the drop and the drop,sorry if it sounds bad. I really wish we could done more on this track but it still is a masterpiece like every track is! I love you Vulkron and i wish many collabs between us dude because you are a amazing person to produce with. We had so many collabs before and i don't regret every minute of it. Lov ya bro <3. - Sub4sax


Whatsup Vulkronites! I went with a future house drop to please the Sub god. This collab was tons of fun and I love everything we did :D

To clear up some confusion, I originally maded a shit drop and the Sub edited it. Thats the drop he's talking about in the prev desc. I completely redid the drop, it sounds nothing like the original. So to make up for his lost editing, I made it future house. Hope you like it sub :D <3 <3

No joke this dood is a shit load of work, but its the kind of work that makes life fun and amazing <3 Love ya too bitch


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