Cover of track squaaaaaaaaa by Vulkron
  • about 10 months ago
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Vulkron, squaaaaaaaaa


future house

something new and different

(i do this way too fucking much lol XD)

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    MRИ about 8 months ago

    can I full track this?

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      MRИ about 8 months ago

      Fite me xd, full credit will be given, no worries ;)

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      Vulkron about 8 months ago


      and dont u dare hit that remix button ;)

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    jaaco about 9 months ago

    geometry dash vibes

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    Fluffybrik about 9 months ago

    for the slope on the snares in the beginning, instaid of turning off the slope fully try automating the 'mix' knob for a cleaner effect

    iz gud

    i think im a bit too late to say this tho XD

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    it's also embr about 9 months ago

    but finish a track

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    Graytoven (Moved to FL) about 9 months ago

    yo this is betr than illenium